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Pilates Matwork Classes

Experience pilatesnow

Try our pilates matwork classes in West Perth. If you’re fit, injury-free and looking for a streamlined body shape, you’ll love the results you can achieve with our fluid and fast-paced classes.

Pilates is known for its deep toning, strengthening and sculpting qualities, defining the body without adding bulk. And pilatesnow instructor Jasmine Kime has been maximising matwork results as a qualified professional for more than ten years – so you’re in good hands.

Achieve your ultimate body shape, by making pilates part of your exercise program with pilatesnow matwork classes at the newly refurbished GetFit premises in West Perth. You’ll feel the difference!

Location and Class times

Getfit is located on the corner of Old Aberdeen Place and Cleaver Streets West Perth.

Class times

Wednesday: 6am – 7am

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