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Pregnancy Pilates

Enjoy exercising in a safe, supervised environment before your little bundle arrives!

Personalised pre- and postnatal Pilates classes are the perfect balance of strength and conditioning exercises to support your growing baby at this magical time, allowing you to feel strong, while maintaining suppleness in a controlled way. Then, once your baby is born, I can gently and carefully get you exercising again.

After recently giving birth to my precious little boy, Pilates helped me by calming my mind and preparing for birth (as much as one can, anyway). Childbirth was certainly a daunting experience for me, especially as he was my first child. I had a long, tiring labour followed by a caesarean and Pilates was essential to my recovery. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of!


Prenatal (Pregnancy) Pilates classes

Prenatal workouts incorporate:

  • Prescriptive exercises throughout the stages of pregnancy, to keep you fit, healthy and strong for the upcoming arrival of your little one. Using the Balanced Body equipment and small props in my boutique studio, you’ll be in safe hands
  • Breathing exercises for improved pelvic floor function
  • Safe abdominal exercises to reduce rectus abdominus separation and aid recovery post birth
  • Postural work as your body continues to change, with a strong lower body emphasis, i.e. glutes and legs to support the pelvis and spine.
  • As your body changes through this magical time, exercises will be adapted to your needs and abilities


Postnatal Pilates exercises

There’s so much pressure on new mums to look and feel a certain way after giving birth. After giving birth, a minimum of six to eight weeks’ rest is usually required – or even longer. Remember, there is no rush.

When the time is right for you – and with your doctor’s clearance – my personalised post-natal private classes will gently and effectively allow new mums to gradually build strength, flexibility and confidence to support you and your busy life.

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