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Discover the benefits of private pilates classes

Our private pilates classes in Subiaco guarantee you a physically challenging workout that brings balance and control to body and mind. pilatesnow applies professional experience in the pilates method to offer personal instruction in effective muscle strengthening and lengthening – helping you reach your optimum body shape.The perfect lifestyle approach to exercise, our private pilates classes in Perth are tailored to your needs, abilities and goals – ideal for athletes, dancers and anyone who’s serious about looking and feeling good. You will feel the difference in your posture, muscle strength, flexibility and core stability in just a few sessions.

What is pilates?

It’s not a silly question to ask. You need to be sure that pilates is for you before you commit your mind and body to the practice. Pilates is an exercise method focused on conditioning the body by improving flexibility and strengthening muscle groups – engaging the abdominals, pelvis and back. Breathing is an essential part of the process, not just to relieve stress, but to maintain a good flow of oxygen to the muscles to enhance efficiency.Under the professional guidance of your own personal instructor at pilatesnow in Perth, your lessons will be designed in line with your body and abilities, from beginner to advanced. Find out more about our private pilates classes in Subiaco, your personal pilates instructor, our studio and how to get started.
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