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Pilatesnow Services

Book private & semi-private reformer Pilates sessions in Subiaco, with certified Pilates Instructor Jasmine Kime. Her tailored classes ensure optimal results.

Private + Duo Pilates Packages

Private pilates classes at our Subiaco studio and on-site corporate pilates sessions in the CBD are packaged to offer flexibility for busy lives and optimum benefits for body and mind.

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Book an Introductory Package

Want to book an introductory package for private pilates classes in Subiaco?

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Pilates Matwork Classes

Try our pilates matwork classes in West Perth. If you’re fit, injury-free and looking for a streamlined body shape, you’ll love the results you can achieve with our fluid and fast-paced classes.

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Corporate Pilates Classes

Designed to promote good stress management, healthy bodies and productive minds, our programmes are tailored to suit the needs of your business and employees.

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