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Why Pilates Improves CrossFit Results

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CrossFit is one of the most popular high intensity workout regimes in the world, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like training across multiple disciplines, while enjoying the camaraderie of people who care about their health and wellbeing, just like you.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest setbacks faced by CrossFit enthusiasts is injury. More often than not, these injuries are caused by incorrect technique, or exacerbation of an existing injury.

If you’re like most CrossFit lovers, then being out of action is a lot more than a minor setback. This is one reason why more and more CrossFit enthusiasts are turning to Pilates to enhance their strength, conditioning and technique.

What is Pilates?

Pilates focuses on developing the body’s core strength. This involves learning to engage the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor and multifidus muscles, while fostering:

  • Muscular endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Posture and
  • Coordination

These are all the elements a CrossFit enthusiast needs to enjoy a long and successful career.

Pilates is embraced by fitness enthusiasts who want to complement their existing exercise program with a dynamic, full-body workout. It focuses on correct muscle recruitment, which goes hand in hand with exercise rehabilitation and injury prevention.

A good Pilates Practitioner will prescribe movements and progressions that help you along the road to recovery.

Dynamic full-body conditioning

Oh, and if you think Pilates is boring then think again. The Pilates repertoire is extensive, with many different exercise variations and progressions. Movements will keep you challenged and stimulated, while engaging your entire body. It is a total body-conditioning program.

Even seasoned CrossFitters tell us they enjoy the challenge and results achieved from Pilates. Read more about how Pilates works here.

In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.

Joseph Pilates – Founder of Pilates

How does Pilates improve CrossFit results?

  • Transforms your physique – Pilates creates long, lean muscles without adding bulk to your frame. Movements focus on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. These benefits are realised in a relatively short period of time.
  • Rehabilitation – movements can be tailored to your injury, so you can continue to improve your fitness and recover at the same time. Many Health Care Professionals recommend Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, as it can help to alleviate back, neck and joint pain.
  • Improves conditioning – improves your body’s core strength. As a result, you’ll see greater results in your weight training, running and other sports you engage in.
  • Body awareness – movements are fluid, intentional and controlled, giving you greater awareness of your body. This aligns with the 6 principles of Pilates, which are: centring, concentration, precision, breath, flow and control.
  • Fosters mindfulness – when performed correctly, body and mind connect during Pilates, which offers great stress-relief for participants. Consider it an opportunity to take time out, just for you. You will leave a session with greater clarity, feeling more energised.
  • Boosts general health – Pilates helps to stimulate and eliminate toxins and waste in the body. It improves digestion, and increases your metabolic rate. It’s also a great booster for the immune system.

Where do I start?

Engaging your core muscles and increasing awareness of the body can leave you:

  • Standing taller.
  • Feeling energised.
  • Thinking with greater clarity and focus.
  • Moving more freely.
  • Moving with greater balance.
  • And moving with enhanced co-ordination.

These benefits have amazing flow-on effects to your daily life, as well as the sports you engage in.

There are two ways you can integrate pilatesnow into your CrossFit routine:

  1. Book a Private Pilates Class.
  2. Join a Group Mat Class (Currently unavailable – until further notice)

The benefits of a Private Pilates Class

Private classes are perfect for individuals who:

  • Are recovering from injury; or
  • Want to ease into the Pilates experience with personalised one-to-one attention.

Classes are safely and effectively tailored to your body’s needs, to help you get moving again. This means an instructor will customise a program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Head here to find out more about our Private Pilates Classes.

 The benefits of Group Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes are great for people who are injury-free and want a fluid yet fast paced movement experience.

Movements are designed to highlight correct breathing techniques and activate core muscles in the body. As a result, you will achieve a more streamlined shape by deeply toning, strengthening and sculpting your entire body.

To book a Pilates session at pilatesnow, please contact us.

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