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Why Your Desk Job May be the Best Reason to Take up Pilates

_B2A5719Did you know how many hours the average person sits at their desk every week?

The average Australian is sedentary for up to 7–10 hours per day. This does not include sleeping. Sedentary can refer to sitting or lying down at work or home, for study or travel. This translates into 70 hours per week and over a whopping 3,640 hours per year.

Pilates is the perfect lifestyle approach to exercise. It is an exercise method which emphasises alignment, as the basis for movement, by creating long lean muscles, building strength and flexibility, without adding bulk. It is a total body workout, which embodies the six Pilates principles of centering, control, concentration, precision, breath and flowing movement. It is a perfect way to work the body from the inside out. It improves core strength by learning correct breathing technique, muscle activation and recruitment patterning, as well as boosting your general health.

Wouldn’t you love even a little of what Pilates can offer?

  • Stand taller
  • Feel more energised and connected to your body
  • Think with greater clarity and focus
  • Move more freely with greater balance and with enhanced coordination

The benefits are endless. Under the guidance of a qualified Pilates practitioner, it is a safe exercise program which genuinely tones and reshapes the body without the threat of injury.

How to integrate pilatesnow into your lifestyle

Whether you are recovering from an injury, interested in honing your technique or wanting to ease into the Pilates experience with personalised one to one instruction, private Pilates classes may be the perfect option for you. Age is certainly no barrier. A tailored Pilates program is created to help you achieve your fitness goals. Oh and if you think Pilates is just for females, that is certainly not the case! Pilates was created by a man and many of my clients have been enjoying the benefits of increased strength and control. Suffice to say, they are hooked!

Find out more about private Pilates classes in the Subiaco studio or corporate Pilates in your workplace.

Are you pressed for time? I can come to you. Our corporate Pilates program certainly eliminates the need for travel after a long day. Designed to promote healthy bodies and productive minds. An opportunity to de-stress without leaving your workplace, is also a big plus. Follow this link to find out more about our corporate Pilates program.


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